For more than 45 years, Verbatim has set the standard for data storage technology, computer peripherals and accessories. Our products include an impressive selection of removable storage and peripherals, including highly acclaimed optical media and award-winning USB flash drives, lightning fast portable hard drives and memory cards. We constantly seek to expand our product offerings, to bring you, our customers, products that truly enhance your technology experience.


Our growing lighting portfolio includes a wide range of LED retrofit lamps, architectural lighting products and fixtures – we strive to enhance the quality and experience of light, while reducing lighting’s impact on our environment.

3D Printing:

Verbatim is proud to offer top grade 3D printing filaments manufactured to our exacting standards and made from the highest quality materials to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.

Buy Verbatim and you get innovation, security and reliability – and that means peace of mind.

The only vertically integrated optical disc specialist

  • 1 Manufacturer of Optical Polycarbonate
  • High quality Polycarbonate is an essential raw material for our Precision Moulding Process in producing a fl at and durable substrate.
  • 2 Designer and Developer of Precision Injection Moulding Systems, including Optical Stampers (Substrate Moulding)
  • For optimal recording at high speeds, it is essential that the media shape remains flat. We have established “Ultra Precise Moulding Technology” which makes it possible to record at maximum drive speeds for both CD-R and DVD.
  • 3 Designer and Major Patent Owner of Advanced Recording Dyes for DVD/RW and CD-R/RW
  • Many media manufacturers have been reducing the thickness of the recording layer in their media so it can be recorded at higher speeds with lower power. By making the recording layer thinner, durability is decreased. Verbatim was successful in improving sensitivity without sacrificing durability.
  • 4 Developer of printable surface inks for DVD and CD-R
  • Verbatim’s printable surfaces are designed to be fast drying, with superior colour durability, long-term ink absorption and a variety of surface options, including wide print and Digital Vinyl inner hub printing.
  • 5 Developer of Manufacturing Lines, and Process and Quality Control systems
  • Verbatim can technically fi ne tune the entire production process in order to optimise the overall quality of our optical discs.

Long term technology leader

  • 1 Development of new technologies, including Blu Ray, AOD (Advanced Optical Discs) and HD DVD
  • As technological leader, Verbatim is consistently fi rst to market with new technologies.
  • 2 Alliances with world’s leading drive and component manufacturers and member of all media groups
  • Direct technical communication with all of the major writer manufacturers allows us to work together to implement the proper writing strategy and attain complete compatibility between optical drives and our media. Our media is the number one choice of leading drive manufacturers when testing and tuning their drives.